EXCEL AQUA PLUS Ceramic Fan Heater SE9285


Excel Aqua Plus is the perfect heater to warm your space fast and even heat diffusion thanks to oscillating technology.Featuring bathroom compatible and reinforced safety functions, it provides added peace of mind. Equipped with durable ceramic technology, it is both powerful and adjustable: it offers two adjustable heating speeds, as well as a slience setting.

Reference: SE9285G0

Compact, Powerful & Automatic Oscillation

Excel Aqua Plus provides powerful heating in a compact design with durable ceramic technology. Equipped with overheating protection and an automatic-stop for malfunctions, it's as safe as it is discreet. Its two adjustable heating speeds are perfect for any situation: choose the lower setting foe prolonged use, ensuring discreet, cozy heat, or select the higher setting for more robust, quick heating. Thanks to automatic oscillating technology, Excel Aqua Plus is highly efficient to create an instant and direct heat for your maximum comfort.
  • Compact

    Compact for convenient use, easy transport and storage.

  • Fast & even heat diffusion

    An instant & direct heat for your maximum comfort and quickly heat-up your room evenly thanks to its oscillating technology.

  • Powerful and adjustable

    Easily set the desired heating level with the selection button. Choose between 1000 W for discreet, prolonged use or 2000 W for more powerful, fast heating.

  • Silent

    Extremely quite at only 50 dB(A) on silence position. Enjoy powerful heat without being disturbed. Get warm while studying, watchig TV or even sleeping.

  • Precise temperature setting

    Thanks to the electronic thermostat, you can precisely control and adjust the desired room temperature for maximum comfort and convenience.  

  • Double overheat protection

    The heater automatically stops warming to avoid overheating.

  • Safety alert

    Automatically stopd and alerts you in case something is going wrong.

  • Safe even in the bathroom

    Can be used safely in the bathroom in accordance with the IPX1 standard on dripping water.

  • Easy transportation

    Take your heater everywhere with the transport handle. Its lightweight, compact design makes it easy to take anywhere in your home or even when you travel.

  • Washable filter

    Safe opening in order to wash the filter, for long-lasting performance.

  • Year-round Use

    Stay comfortable and enjoy a cool sensation with the cool fan during warm-weather months.

Type Ceramic fan  
Colours BLACK  
Room coverage 20-25 m2  
Voltage 220-240  V
Frequency 50  Hz
Power 2000  W
Thermostat Mechanical  
Noise level min 50  dB(A)
Instructions For Use
Frequently Asked Questions
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