Air force 360 TY9051

Air force 360 TY9051 One Click Everywhere

With one simple click, Air force™ 360 enables you to clean seamlessly from room to room, floor to ceiling. A complete home cleaning is easier than ever.

One Click Everywhere

Welcome to handstick generation 2.0. This ALL-IN-1 cordless vacuum cleaner offers a vast range of cleaning solutions, with versatile dust pick-up coverage for your entire living space.

  • With just one click, this high-performance cleaning tool becomes an ultra-efficient handheld, delivering access into every last nook and cranny, or a reach tool for dust pick-up at high levels.
  • Versatility is matched by performance you can count on: a motorized suction head (up to 6500 RPM) tackles all varieties of surfaces with optimum results, while exclusive Air Force Cyclonic Technology delivers high-efficiency filtration and long-lasting performance.
  • A range of advanced features come together with the convenience of a cordless vacuum cleaner, powered by a 21.9V Lithium-Ion battery, for up to 20 minutes of cleaning, even switch to boost mode, it can be used up to 12 minutes.*

* On 'standard' position.

  • All-in-One Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

    Air Force 360 is an ALL-IN-1 cordless handstick vacuum cleaner with a motorized suction head for powerful performance on all varieties of floors, including tile, hardwood, carpets, and more. Just one click transforms this versatile cleaning tool into an ultra-efficient handheld for dust pick-up in hard-to-reach areas. In another click, it transforms into an impressive reach tool for cleaning at high levels.

  • Cordless. Lightweight.

    • Stick mode. Reach up high. 1.9kg only.
    • Handheld for speedy spot cleaning. 1.6kg only.
    • Deep clean efficiently. 2.8kg.

  • Perfect cleaning results on all types of floors

    The Power Slim Vision™ suction head is engineered for optimum dust pick up performance on tiles, wooden floor, carpets, all types of floors. Its high-speed motorised electro brush rotates at 6500rpm to remove deep down dirt. Its built-in LED light enables you to see in dark areas for a thorough cleaning.

  • Perfect tool set for cleaning everywhere

    • Sofa brush
    Remove dust and dirt from upholstery. Ideal for soft furnishings.
    • Crevice tool
    Removes dust and dirt from narrow spaces.


  • Performance that lasts

    Brushless motor for optimum performance in a compact format and longer lifetime.

  • Exclusive Air force™ cyclonic technology

    Unlike classic filters that get clogged, exclusive Air Force Cyclonic Technology provides a high level of air and dust separation for long-lasting cleaning performances.

  • Advanced Lithium-ion battery for a long lasting performance

    Cordless and equipped with a 21.9V Lithium-Ion technology battery, for up to 20 minutes of cleaning.*

  • Dust management that is easy to handle

    Empty in one pull of the trigger.
    Faster cleaning, less dust cloud.

  • Brush cleaning made easy

    Ergo Clean System™ allows you to easily remove tangled hair and thread from the brush.

  • Ultra light for excellent comfort-in-use

    Only 1.9 kg as reach tool

  • Performance that lasts

    Brushless motor for optimum performance in a compact format and longer lifetime.

  • Track dust even in hard-to-reach areas

    Ultra-slim suction head to pick up dust under low pieces of furniture and equipped with LEDs to detect dust in dark areas.

  • Enhanced comfort-in-use in any situation

    Ergonomic and effortless trigger with no need for constant pressure.

Cordless handstick category All in 1 handstick  
Technology Cyclonic Technology  
Motorization Brushless motor  
Power speed position 2  
Battery type Lithium ion  
Voltage 21.9V  
Running time indicator 1  
Recharging time 3h max  
Recharging type Wall mounted base  
Running time (using the handheld on powerful standard position) 30 min  
Suction Head name Power Slim  
Vision System: 'LED lighting'    
Suction Head shape Rectangular  
Brush bar cleaning system    
Accessories storage module    
Sofa brush    
Crevice Tool    
Easy brush    
Dust container capacity 0.4  L
Filtration Washable foam  
Sound Level 85  dB(A)
Format Standard  
Colours Black & metallic cobalt  

Instructions For Use