Tweeny 2合1蒸熨易 NI5020

Tweeny 2合1蒸熨易 NI5020 平熨、掛熨?你想點就點

「2合1蒸熨易」一機結合傳統熨斗的底板、卓越效能及掛熨機獨有的輕盈方便,讓您因應需要,隨時隨地選擇平熨或掛熨,盡享嶄新、高效的衣物護理體驗 。


「2合1蒸熨易」一機結合傳統熨斗的底板、卓越效能及掛熨機獨有的輕盈方便,讓您因應需要,隨時隨地選擇平熨或掛熨,盡享嶄新、高效的衣物護理體驗 。

**根據IEC 60311重量測試,與特福熨斗FV3910比較

* 2016年於法國由外部實驗室與標準特福熨斗FV3910進行品質測試
**根據IEC 60311重量測試,與特福熨斗FV3910比較

  • 靈活輕巧易用

    「2合1蒸熨易」的噴氣手抦比標準熨斗輕接近2倍**,更易於衣物上游走。隨時隨地選擇平熨或掛熨,盡享嶄新、高效的衣物護理體驗 。

  • 威力 非同小可

    Tweeny 2in1 配備陶瓷底板及OptiSteam 蒸氣技術,提供超強集中蒸氣及5巴蒸氣壓力噴射,帶來非同小可的熨衣效果,表現媲美傳統熨斗*,蒸氣輕易穿透布料去縐。裝配陶瓷底板,順滑易熨。另外底板精確尖端設計,方便熨平難熨位置,如衣鈕周圍等。

  • 易用高效熨衣體驗

    平熨快速就緒: 開機後40秒即可使用,全因配上OptiSteam 蒸氣技術,提供持續強效蒸氣,結合5巴壓力,穿透布料去除頑固縐褶,表現媲美傳統熨斗*,帶來非凡的除縐效果。掛熨極致方便: 出門前為衣物快速修熨,輕鬆駕馭最細緻的衣物及衣物上的每個細節,不必再展開熨衣板或任何機身組裝。

  • 不怕熨燶衣物

    配備Smart Technology免調校技術,適用於各類可熨布料。

  • 更節省空間


  • 自動安全關機


  • 長效運作


首次加熱時間 40  s
水箱容量 400  ml
水箱 可拆式  
自動關機 是  
連續使用時間 60  min
開關按鈕 手動操作  
水箱容量(安士) 13.5  oz
注水孔 中  
防鈣化功能 芯  

The first time you use your product, as well as every time you change the anti-scale cartridge, you must fill the water circuit. To do this, you must:
- Press the On/Off Switch for five seconds: the pump will prepare to fill the water circuit.
- Wait 1 min. 40 secs whilst the indicator light flashes (do not worry about the noise the pump makes during this process; do not press the steam button).
- When the indicator light remains lit, the appliance is ready for use.
Any time you handle your product's anti-scale cartridge, be sure that you remove the water tank from your product.

When replacing your cartridge, be sure to remove the two (red) caps from it. We recommend you do this when the appliance is cool and unplugged.
Be sure to follow the water circuit filling procedure.
Verify that the anti-scale cartridge has been installed correctly. Make sure that you have removed the 2 red seals on the cartridge before you install it.

If your appliance makes little or no steam, check the following:
- Did you correctly follow the start procedure (first use) described in the user manual?
- You completely emptied the water tank during use. To restart your product's pump, hold the steam button (trigger) down to create steam once again.
- If you just replaced your anti-scale cartridge, follow the priming procedure for the water circuit fill pump.
- Check that the red caps on your anti-scale cartridge have been properly removed. If they were not removed during installation, they might get stuck in your product's water inlet hole. Simply remove them with a pair of tweezers.

If, despite this, your product is still not making steam, refer to the user manual or contact our customer service.
We recommend using your product with the tip of the soleplate pointed up, and that you do not hold the steam button down.

The first time you use your product, you may notice a small release of water, smoke or odour from the soleplate. This is related to the manufacturing process and has no impact on you, your product or your fabrics. It will disappear after several uses.

Be sure that you do not automatically turn your product to "First Time Start-up" or "Start-up After Anti-scale Cartridge Change" mode (hold the ON/OFF switch for five seconds). This mode must only be used during the first use or after changing the anti-scale cartridge. For all other times you switch on the appliance, press the ON/OFF switch correctly.

If, despite this, your product still spits water, refer to the user manual or contact our customer service.
The anti-scale cartridge is reaching the end of its life; it should be replaced. Once the cartridge has been replaced, following the pump priming procedure.
When the anti-scale indicator light remains lit, the anti-scale cartridge must be changed immediately. If the anti-scale cartridge is not changed, the appliance will switch off automatically.