INGENIO KITCHEN GADGETS Tefal invents Tefal Ingenio premium utensils. A full new range designed with ingeniuty to make your hands ingenious.

PREMIUM UTENSILS FOR VERSATILE COOKING NEEDS Combining award-winning innovative design, high-quality materials and exceptional performance, Tefal Ingenio Premium is a range of versatile kitchen utensils that puts pure ingenuity at your fingertips. These indispensable kitchen tools are fully dishwasher safe and composed of robust, durable materials for long-lasting performance.  Produced at Tefal quality standards with vigorous laboratory testing prior to market release, Ingenio Premium utensils deliver high-quality performance with pure innovation and ingenuity.

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    Tefal Premium Quality

    Premium quality products, Highly tested in Tefal France Laboratory and Foodstuff certified by International agency  

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    No BPA - No phtalate - Respect the food taste and smell 

    No BPA, No phtalate, Respect the food taste and smell As from 1 January 2015, it is prohibited to use bisphenol A in all food containers in France. Our providers are committed to not using bisphenol A in their manufacturing processes. Tests on our products carried out in independent laboratories did not detect any migration of bisphenol A into food. Equally, none of the 6 PHTALATES identified by the European Regulation were detected during these tests.  

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    Easy to clean - Dishwasher safe

    No product change after 100 hours in the dishwasher

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    Stain resistant

    Tested on daily ingredients, showing resistance to stains and no impact on materials


    Heat resistant

    up to 230°C

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    Robust and durable construction

    Long-lasting product

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    Award-Winning Design

    Ingenio line: winner of the 2015 GOOD DESIGN award! The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design award this honor to the most innovative and cutting-edge industrial, product and graphic design produced around the world.  

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