Our Commitments

We say what we do, we do what we say!

Every day, Tefal and its partners are committed to fight for improvement and meaningful progress. We do respect common values: sustainable development, equal opportunities, well-balanced nutrition for every one and responsible consuming.

To face these new issues, Tefal has defined five priorities for sustainable development:

First of all, Tefal makes sure that its products are made with respect of ethical principles, in its own factories but also within its suppliers’.

Tefal has also developed a responsible human resources policy, based on principles of non-discrimination and respect for people. In this regard, Tefal attaches great importance to providing a safe workplace for its employees.

The third priority is about helping communities. In the regions in which it operates, Tefal acts as a responsible economic stakeholder, it helps local businesses to grow but also supports local associations to fight against exclusion or participates in public debates such as discussions on nutrition and health.

Today’s consumers demand products that take health and safety into account. For Tefal, this means producing high quality products that last and that allow a healthy and tasty cooking.

Finally, Tefal takes into account respect for the environment at every stage in the lifecycle of its products, from initial research to processing products at their end-of-life and including manufacturing, transport and use by the consumer.

This means we believe we can be a leader in manufacturing household products and still willingly focus on important values like social, environmental and economic principles that we place at the heart of our activity.

Here below, some examples to illustrate what we do.


New cooking is healthy cooking

Nutrition is much more than just mixing ingredients together. What you cook with and also the way you cook play an essential role when you prepare a meal. To understand healthy cooking, it is important to learn how to preserve the nutritional values and qualities (taste, texture and fragrances) of your ingredients. And to achieve this, you will need ingenious appliances.

To enjoy a healthy and balanced diet, you must consider three important factors:

  • Less oil for an easy and healthy cooking.
  • A good temperature control to enjoy perfectly cooked meals with well-preserved ingredients.
  • Homogeneous heat diffusion for faster cooking, it saves you time and energy.

Our non-stick coating made famous by the Tefal frying pans does not require the use of oil whatsoever, which is a great nutritional asset.
With our Thermo-Spot technology, you will master the art of temperature to deliver perfect meals. It will make you a true chef! Finally the design of our cookware is exclusive and exceptionally resistant.

+ Tefal

In our era where consumers are more aware than ever of their health and environment, our eco-information notice guarantees the safety of the non-stick coatings of our products.

These commitments we aim to achieve make us proud!

Safe and Reliable Products

All Groupe SEB sites including Tefal comply with the environmental requirements of ISO standard 14001. Any new industrial or logistics entity is subject to specific analyses to validate this compliance, or to achieve such compliance.

The major Tefal production site is located in Rumilly, France and delivers 45 million pieces every year. In our improvement campaign, we aim at reducing ecological impacts year after year. Our eco-responsible strategy has led us to provide a life-cycle assessment for a frypan that is carried out by ENSAM (Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Métiers) and validated by QUANTIS.  

This, for instance, allowed us to prove that if we take into account the product durability, the actual environmental impact of a Tefal non-stick frying pan is significantly lower than a ceramic coated pan, when the two products are built under the same conditions.  

We aim at making long-lasting products that will accompany you for a very long time, providing you happy and delicious moments with your loved ones while preserving our planet's health.


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Help a child smile again

Since 2010, we have launched a new range of products every year to support the nutrition projects of UNICEF.

Whenever we sell one of these products, Tefal gives at least 1€ to UNICEF. The collected money then helps ill-fed children with therapeutic nutritional food and supplements as well as specific care, while teaching their parents good nutritional habits.

We have given more than 1.5 million euros to UNICEF since 2010, supporting children from Madagascar in 2011 and children from India and South Africa the year after. In 2013-2014, the programme is dedicated to child malnutrition in Burkina Faso.

You too can make a difference and help ill-fed children by buying one of the products of our partnership with UNICEF:
  • Cookware: frying pan, stew pot...
  • Iron
  • Scale

Discover our ECODESIGN products

At Tefal, we wish to develop products that help you deliver great meals for your loved ones. But we also wish to contribute to the protection of our home planet, and that's why we offer a wide range of completely recyclable products.  

In 2010, we initiated our eco-responsible policy by linking ecology and gastronomy. We launched Natura, realised in 100% recycled aluminium and Enjoy, spatulas made with 95% recycled material. Today, we carry on launching eco-responsible products and we are proud to announce our first range of bakeware set made of 100% recycled aluminium.  

100% recycled aluminium comes with 3 main assets: 

  • Energy savings: because its production requires 95% less energy than classical aluminium.
  • Protection of the aluminium world reserves: 1 tonne of recycled aluminium helps save 4 tonnes of bauxite*. The planet keeps its natural resources and buried waste decreases. One small step for our kitchens, one giant leap for Earth.
  • Perfect results: with an homogeneous heat diffusion and fast temperature rise, recycled aluminium guarantees the same results as classical aluminium.

At Tefal, we decided to take a stand for our Earth and wish to preserve its natural resources. And with recycled aluminium, we believe we contribute to the protection of our globe!

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