Meteor Ceramic Induction Range

Meteor Ceramic Induction Range Extra resistant everyday  

Extra resistant everyday Thanks to its extra hard surface reinforced with silica mineral, Tefal METEOR will offer unmatched resistance for intensive cooking every day

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    SILICA MINERAL SURFACE: extra resistant & hard surface

    Hard surface for extreme scratch resistance, reinforced with Silica Mineral particles.

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    SILICA MINERAL SURFACE: extra-resistant surface

    Anti-scratch hard surface for extreme scratch resistance, Reinforced with Silica Mineral particles..

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    Thermo-Spot® (in pans only) turns full red when the frypan has reached the ideal temperature for perfect searing. It guarantees: Perfect texture, Perfect color, Perfect flavor. For delicious full-flavoured meals everyday. 

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    Silica Mineral exterior coating

    Extra resistant and easy to clean surface 

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    Hobs compatibility

    All hobs + induction

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    Tefal: cooking healthy, thinking eco-friendly

    100 % safe ceramic coating

Instructions For Use