Character Non-stick Induction Range

Character Non-stick Induction Range Lasts up to 2 times longer*  

Taste the Excellence everyday Thanks to its cutting edge technology, Tefal pots and pans represent the Excellence in cookware both in terms of durability and delicious result.

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    Titanium Pro

    Mineral extra reinforced layer, New top coat reinforced with Titanium particles.*TITANIUM PRO coating lasts up to 2x longer that TITANIUM FORCE coating

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    Thermo-Spot® turns full red when the frypan has reached the ideal temperature for perfect searing. It guarantees: Perfect texture, Perfect color, Perfect flavor. For delicious full-flavoured meals everyday.  

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    Easy cleaning and convenient cooking.

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    Hobs compatibility

    All hobs + induction

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    Tefal, World N°1 in Cookware*

    * Independent panel 2014 data, brand value sales, cookware category definition

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    Tefal : cooking healthy, thinking eco-friendly.

    100% safe non-stick coating.

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