CARE FOR YOU YT3040 The first steamer that dewrinkles and sanitizes automatically by Tefal.

The Tefal Care For You Automatic Steamer Purifier harnesses the power of all-natural steam for dewrinkling, sanitizing and drying with an automatic process that makes garment care effortless. Discover a game-changing, hands-off experience: Simply insert up to 3 items for efficient wrinkle removal in just 10 minutes. The 40-minute sanitizing cycle kills up to 99.99% of virus, bacteria and germs* while reducing odors. Dependable drying completes the perfect home dry cleaning machine package.

Reference: YT3040G0

The Tefal Care For You Automatic Steamer Purifier

Discover the hands-off garment care solution that does the work for you: The Tefal Care For You Automatic Steamer Purifier dewrinkles, sanitizes and removes odors from clothing and all home textiles—all with an automatic process that couldn't be easier. Revolutionize your morning routine: Simply insert up to 3 items of clothing for efficient wrinkle removal in just 10 minutes, or leave garments in for up to 30 minutes for stubborn wrinkles. The effortless 40-minute sanitizing cycle removes odors like smoke or fried food, while raw steam power kills up to 99.99% of viruses, bacteria and germs.* Save time and energy with a home dry cleaning machine that covers all your needs: Gentle drying with no risk of shrinking or burning, full compatibility with any fabric including delicates, an easy-to-read screen and remote control, an elegant, space-saving vertical design, and so much more. All this, with a game-changing clothing care solution day after day.

*External laboratory test on cotton, purification mode - 40 min.

  • Dewrinkling action

    An effortless automatic morning routine: Insert up to 3 items of clothing for smooth results in as little as 10 minutes, or leave them in for up to 30 minutes for very stubborn wrinkles.

  • Sanitizing steam power

    A stress-free automatic evening routine: intense power of steam kills up to 99.99% of bacteria, viruses and germs* without any detergent or chemicals. Sanitize even your delicate textiles after a long day outside. [*External laboratory test on cotton, purification mode - 40 min.]

  • Gentle drying

    No shrinking or burning, perfect for delicate items that would be damaged by the dryer.

    Dry your clothes 5 times faster*

    *compared to natural drying in ambient temperature

  • Reduces odors

    Space out trips to the dry cleaner : powerful steam reduces odors and refreshes clothing—ideal for removing lasting odors like smoke or fried food from difficult to wash items.

  • Perfect for all fabrics and home textiles

    Safe for all kinds of garments and items with no risk of burning or shrinking: delicate materials like silk or wool, children's stuffed animals, cushions, pillows, duvet covers, puffy jackets, and more.

  • Easy to transport and store

    4 wheels for smooth mobility and a retractable, space-saving design for effortless storage.

  • Large removable water tank

    2 L removable water tank for long autonomy.

  • Ultra-silent

    Keep clothing and home textiles fresh and wrinkle-free at a decibel level that's well below everyday conversation, for ultra-silent convenience every day.

Power 3100  W
Steam output 65  g/min
Water tank capacity 2  L
Water tank Removable  
Empty tank detector    
Auto-Off Yes  
Power cord length 1.80  m
On/Off switch Hand operated  
Steam ready indicator    
Power cord storage Velcro & coord hook  
Anti scale function Integrated anti-scale  
Colours White and mink grey  
Type of plug UK  
Plug Shape Straight Plug  
Plug Color white  
Instructions For Use
Frequently Asked Questions
To change the programme, use the remote control and click on one of the 3 central buttons. For example, if you want to activate the Dry mode, click on the Dry button and click on the start/stop button to start the programme.
To put the garments into the Care For You appliance, use the built-in clips. Press firmly on the top of the clips to open them and insert the garment you want.
You can also use the hangers to hang clothes on the central bar and the shelf for cushions or other items.

The tank has a capacity of 1L and is removable.
Pull the tank towards you to fill it with tap water without exceeding the maximum level.
To put it back in place, insert the bottom first and push the tank until you hear a click.
It is advisable to put only 3 garments in the Care For You appliance for optimal dewrinkling.
It is preferable to use tap water but if the water is very hard (hardness higher than 30°f or 17°dH or 21°e), mix 50% tap water and 50% bottled demineralised water.
The two handles for raising/lowering the masts must be pressed down and raised to the maximum until you hear a click and then lock the masts (blue tab).
The masts must be extended to the maximum, otherwise the dewrinkling cabinet will close during operation.
It is preferable to install the appliance in a room with a free space of 20 cm around it.
Do not install it in a bathroom or damp room.
Do not install near a heat source.
  1. Steam mode
    You can adjust the dewrinkling time in 5 minute increments. The longer the cycle, the more your garment will be dewrinkled.
    10 min: light and fast dewrinkling.
    20 min: optimal dewrinkling on most garments.
    30 minutes: for very difficult garments to dewrinkle.
    The use of the straightening clips is recommended for a better dewrinkling result, except for garments that are likely to deform easily (e.g. large knit jumpers, viscose, thin t-shirts, etc.).

  2. Sanitize mode
    20 min: fast purification. Reduces odours.
    40 min: deep purification. Effectively removes impregnated odours, bacteria and germs.
    The use of the straightening clips is not necessary in purification mode.

  3. Gentle dry mode
    Perfect for delicate garments that cannot be tumble dried. You can adjust the cycle time between 10 and 90 minutes.
    30 min: light textiles.
    45 min: cotton and thick textiles.
    60 min: several garments at the same time.
    The use of the straightening clips is not necessary in the drying mode.

Switch off the appliance and unplug it. Wait 1 hour for the appliance to cool down completely.
Lift the shelf, remove the filter and remove any residue with a sponge.
Clean the curtain with a damp cloth or a wrung-out sponge. Never use abrasive cleaning agents or products.
Be careful not to scratch the infrared reception area and the transmitter on the remote control.
The dewrinkling cabinet should be raised as high as possible until you hear the locking click, otherwise the masts will drop back down during use. Check that the small pins are sticking out at the back of the appliance.
The curtain is not closed properly. Check that the curtain is properly clipped to the top of the product.
The selected time and/or the amount of straightening clips is not suitable for the garment(s).
Repeat a 30 minute wrinkle cycle.
If necessary, button the garment completely and remember to put on the straightening clips (except for garments that can be easily deformed).
Check the batteries in your remote control (1.5V AAA batteries).
If the batteries are working, please aim carefully the infrared zone at the bottom of the product.
If the curtain is not completely dry at the end of the programme, you can start a 10-minute drying programme, dry the curtain with a cloth or let the curtain dry naturally.
Straightening clips are not recommended for garments that are likely to deform easily (e.g. large knit jumpers, viscose, thin t-shirts, etc.).
You can wash your garment again. In most cases, this is sufficient to restore its original shape.
In the future, use the Care For You machine without the straightening clips on these garments.
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The tank is empty or not properly clipped in. Fill the tank and check that it is properly clipped in.
This is normal. After a few minutes, the appliance will automatically switch off to reduce energy consumption. You can start your appliance again using the remote control.
If your clothes are too waterlogged, you can wring them out before putting them in the cabin.
The Care For You appliance should be placed at least 20 cm away from the walls. You can also install the device in a larger, better ventilated and tempered room.
Make sure that the cabin is well closed (curtain clipped to the top of the Care For You).
No, it is normal to have noise and vibration when the steam is activated. The use of steam triggers the functioning of an electric pump.