Ingenio Hard Titanium Non-Stick Range

Ingenio Hard Titanium Non-Stick Range  Expert cooking made simple and sure in a click!

Ingenio: the versatile removable handle cookware Thanks to the Ingenio frying pan and its 100% safe removable handle, you can switch from one pan to another in a single click. Cook from the hob, move to the oven, serve directly on the table and store leftovers in the fridge. Rounding it all off, its space-saving, stackable design ensures easy storage in your cupboards. Featuring Titanium Exellence non-stick coating that lasts up to 2x times longer.**

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    Ingenio: the versatile cookware

    From the hob, into the oven, onto the table, into the fridge and into the dishwasher - with optimal storage.

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    TITANIUM EXCELLENCE non-stick coating: Lasts up to 3 times longer** (on pans only)

    The extremely innovative non-stick coating is extra durable and resistant thanks to an exclusive, extra-thick titanium hard base and a new protective coat reinforced with titanium particles.

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      Thermo-Spot® turns full red when the pan has reached the ideal temperature for searing, guaranteeing perfect texture, perfect color and perfect flavor, for delicious full-flavored meals every day.  

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    10-year guarantee handle*

    100% safe, patented handle featuring a 3-point fixation system. Reinforced security supports up to 10 kg.

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     Hob compatibility: All hobs + induction  

    Compatible with all stovetops (gas, electric, ceramic) + induction

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    Made in France

    These pots and pans are designed and manufactured in France

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    Our commitment: Cooking healthy, thinking eco-friendly.

    We aim to make long-lasting products that you will use for a very long time, while preserving our planet's health, thanks to recyclable products with a safe non-stick coating (no PFOA, no lead, no cadmium).

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    Tefal, world #1 in cookware***

    Only Tefal goes to such lengths to guarantee perfect cooking results. One more reason to choose Tefal.

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